Writing exercise: 2 perspectives from the same scene.

First Perspective:

Seventy-three years had passed since Iris had last seen the Grosser Mercedes 770 W 150. Powered by a 230-horsepower engine it could easily reach speeds up to 145km. Its black, exterior reflected an unyielding and unforgiving way of life, one of power, corruption and greed. Four sturdy and finely polished tires supported the massive automobile or Todesmaschine (German for death machine). The oval lights that rested on either side of the colossal hood, like calculating eyes, fixated their sights on anyone deemed unworthy. Cautiously, Iris brushed her old and haggard fingers along the expensive leather seats, counting the rows of stitches as she did in her youth, proving to herself that this car was genuine. From its bucket seats, swastika flags and the unchanged pungent odor of cigars, it was exactly as she remembered it from 1942.

A group of children ran past, one a little boy playing with his mother’s necklace. The ginger women shouted for him to stop messing about and tipped her hat to Iris, apologetically for any disruptions. More passed as they observed Iris’ many donated cars, but ignorantly moved to the showy 64 Aston Martin down the hall. No one truly knew of its history, what the car had seen or the dark deeds of its owner, though the two shared a past. It had been living at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa since 1970, but this was the first time she could bring herself to face it again.

Shouting returned to Iris’ memory. The faces she watched pass, shifted into those she once knew. Her father’s rough Swiss accent echoed in her head, hollering for her to climb out from the car before the owner discovered her. He was a tall man with a slender figure. She remembered his oil-stained overalls along with the battered and dingy wrench he’d always carry. As the Fuehrer’s personal mechanic, efficiency literally meant life or death at Hitler’s Berghof home.

“They say the old thing’s cursed,” said a blond man with a compelling German accent. He had a thin face, though it was his straight soldier like posture that drew her to attention. She took in his words and after surviving several wars, Iris didn’t believe in curses, nor did she believe in superstition. For only people could be so cruel, not the inanimate objects they try to pin the blame upon.

“My appearance has dwindled over the years,” he confessed. “But you are exactly as I remember. Your obstinate expression is unmistakable.”

Her father’s shouting returned, as the illusion of his instructive finger vigorously shook in front of her face. The silhouette of this man shifted and revealed him as the boy she once knew, standing in the background of the old garage where her father used to work. No more then eight years old, he was wearing a small spider like swastika around his arm. Her father grabbed Iris from the car, spanking her as he removed her from the garage, but the boy had already seen and his expression radiated with disgust as his intent for mayhem heightened.

His voice drew her back to the present, “Life has shown you kindness,” he stated. “The wife of a wealthy car manufacture.”

Seventy-three years of bitterness consumed her as she pulled up her sleeves to take a swing at him, though several patrons abruptly turned their gaze and circled her like vultures.

“Life has not shown me the same courtesy,” he snapped, as he took old of her fragile wrist. “You see, after the war, my family was ostracized, cast out, left with nothing, while little mice like you scampered your way to America, were you luckily found your fortune!”

“Life has not been kind to me,” Iris thought. Nor had luck had anything to do with her fortune. Wealth was earned. Her chronic aches and pains acted as testaments of her uphill struggle to obtain what she had acquired. An old Luger P08 pistol hung out of his pocket and she heard the distant echo of a thunderous bang as she tried to force the painful memory away.

One of the vultures circling approached and handed her a phone. He instructed her to transfer funds from her personal account to anther located in Hungary. If she refused, both the innocent patrons as well as the cars, the only thing she had left of her husband, would be lost. Without hesitation or much thought, Iris’ stubborn roots took over. She dropped the device and crushed it with her cane; drawing the attention of the mother she had interacted with earlier.

The Luger was lifted, aimed and fired, taking the life the innocent woman whose only crime was apologizing for her disruptive son. The blood spattered backwards as her body collapsed beside the boy. Iris stood horrified as many began to run.

He sighed as he spoke, wiping the pistol with a red handkerchief. “It would be a pity for the boy to join his dear mummy.”

Iris could hear the little boy crying as guilt consumed her. The echoes of her own young screams retuned, her father’s pleading expression and then the crack of the gunshot that removed him from her life forever. The blond boy’s laughter radiated in both her past and present as innocent lives ended due to her actions.

Her hand found it’s way into her pocket and gripped her father’s wrench, something she’d always carried since his murder. She reacted without control, plunging the dulled claw into his neck. It took all her strength to force it through his flesh and she didn’t stop until she felt his life leave his body. Shouts came from the doors as he collapsed into the back seat of the Mercedes.

Shaking, Iris turned to see the small boy lying beside his mother, her necklace still grasped firmly in his tiny hands. She saw herself in him, as she too had lain beside her father so many years ago.

Second Perspective:

Dust mystified the air as the screeching tires tore through the ground like a wild animal. A heavy stream of bullets pelted the slick silver steal of the 64 Aston Martin DB5 as it swerved along the cliff side, bypassing every single assailant in sight. Andre stopped the car and opened the passenger door for his ginger partner who’d been kidnapped. She quickly leapt in, buckled up and they were off in the opposite direction of the danger. He shifted gears and played with the breaks as they swerved in and out of sharp turns.

“They want the necklace,” she said as she held up a long strand of purls.

As the road uncoiled, Andre pressed the pedal to the floor, allowing the car to reach a speed of 160km.

“Andre!” shouted his mother.

Andre stumbled backwards, colliding into a group of students. They giggled and pointed as he quickly whipped the imprint of his face off the 64 Aston Martin on display. The room was filled with people for the museum car show and of course, Andre had to stumble into the kids who had spent the past week picking on him in class. His mother grabbed hold of his arm, hollering at him to stop daydreaming and messing about. This made his classmates laugh harder as they passed into the other room. Andre kicked at one of the tires and ran to the other side of the car to be alone. Taking notice of their mockery, his mother tipped her hat to an elderly woman with an obstinate expression and appeared behind her son. She knelt down and brushed the dirt from his clothes and whipped the tears from his eyes as he fiddled with her necklace. The family had recently moved, making Andre the new kid and making friends was not his greatest attribute.

“You need to pay closer attention,” his mother said. “Your head’s in the clouds more often than your feet are on the ground.”

“I don’t mean to,” said Andre as he wiped his nose on his sleeve. “It just happens.”

“Where do you go,” she asked with a smile.

“Everywhere,” he grinned.

She nodded with a wide grin as she brushed his hair out of his face. “Perhaps maybe one day you’ll be a writer, or maybe one of those film directors we saw on TV the other night. You’ve certainly got the imagination for it.”

Andre peered down at his dingy old shoes. At the young age of nine, he had a great deal of time to determine what he wanted to do in life, but his mother always gave him insightful pointers and advise. As a single parent, she had to take on the role of both mother and father, which she was quite remarkable at. She was a kind woman, someone able to act as a friend as well as a parent.

“You’ll keep that safe right,” she asked as she glanced down at the necklace.

Slipping back into his imagination, Andre was suddenly standing in the dessert next to the Aston Martin again, nodding and taking the necklace from the ginger’s hand.

“If they get it… if they see it…” she said with uncertainty.

“I’ll keep it safe,” he said as he saw his mother once more in the show room.

Taking hold of his small hand, she guided him towards a frightening old Mercedes with massive tires larger than his own body. It was a spooky old thing, solid black steal doors, with two oval lights that reminded him of eyes. He glared back at the hood, trying to face his fears, but when he over heard a man with a thick German accent mentioning that the car was cursed, he backed away and hid behind his mother. He watched from a distance as the old woman with the cane grew frightened the more he spoke. Andre had heard about curses in play that his old school preformed, but had never encountered one personally.

Drifting away again, he saw the old woman desperately trying to fight her way free. “Help,” she cried. “Oh someone please help me before it gets me!”

The blond man was now wearing a magician’s hat, as several other men in hoods and dark cloaks gathered around the old woman. They were standing on a stage, as lights flickered in different directions like flashes of lightening. Quickly, Andre and his lovely ginger assistant rushed forward, a black and white wand grasped tightly between his fingers. Well equipped, he knew several spells thanks to Harry Potter.

“Let her go!” he shouted as he aimed the wand.

One of the men handed the old woman an iPhone and ordered her to transfer money to an account in Hungary. Andre had head of that country last year in Mrs. Lally’s Geography class.

“Don’t give it to him!” Andre shouted.

The old woman dropped the phone and smashed it with her cane triumphantly, but the blond man seemed more irritated. The daydream changed when he removed an old fashioned gun from his pocket and pointed it in the direction of his ginger assistant. Suddenly, Andre felt a pang in his stomach as the shattering sound echoed through the room and would forever reverberate in his mind.

His partner, ginger assistant and mother was not center stage. A spotlight shinned down on her as she collapsed to the ground beside him. Slowly, the light faded and dwindled away as she lay motionless on the showroom floor. People were screaming and running to the exits, but Andre remained where he stood. He saw the old woman pushing a dingy wrench into the murderers throat, a sight he could not look away from. The mans body tipped over into the old haunted car as Andre fell to his knees and set his head down next to his mothers. There would be no more daydreams, not without her.

The old woman turned with a heart broken expression, as Andre peered back at her, clenching his mothers necklace in his palm.


15 Anti-Hillary Tweets From Rand Paul

Last month, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul announced that he was running for President in the 2016 elections. Elected to the Senate in 2010, Paul has been known as an outspoken go-getter, determined to restore the great US of A to a limited, constitutional government. Over the past month, Paul’s Twitter Feed has been spewing slander about the Democratic elect, Hillary Rodham Clinton. From “Liberty, not Hillary” to selling anti-Hillary merchandise, here are 15 of Rand Paul’s best Anti-Hillary Tweets.

1. #LibertyNotHillary

2. #DefeatHillary

3. ‘On The Record’ With Fox News

4. Tweet 1 of 7 stating why Hillary Clinton is not right for office

5. Tweet 2 of 7 stating why Hillary Clinton is not right for office

6. Tweet 3 of 7 stating why Hillary Clinton is not right for office

7. Tweet 4 of 7 stating why Hillary Clinton is not right for office

8. Tweet 5 of 7 stating why Hillary Clinton is not right for office

9. Dead End

10. Clinton Presidency Disaster

11. Her Failure

12. Hard drive for sale?

13. On the attack

14. The Smears

15. Beat Hillary

Via AP

Does Hillary Clinton have What it Takes?

As the 2016 Presidential election approaches, candidates from all over the US are making themselves known to the public, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, and even Ted Cruz. Campaigns are being created to highlight their individual goals and intentions for the country, what should be changed and why it needs to be changed. Many will choose a candidate based on their political parties, though with the changes current President Barak Obama has made during his presidency, some may not be as loyal to their parties as they once were. As Americans, we have the right to choose who we think will be the best qualified for our next Commander and Chief, the problem is, who do we think is actually right for the job?

Taking a look at the female Democratic candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, we see a fireball ready to take charge and take a stand for the average American.

Via Hillary Clinton's Official Site
Via Hillary Clinton’s Official Site

Clinton was raised in a middle class family in Chicago, Illinois. Her father, Hugh, a Navy vet of WWII was a small business owner where he designed, printed and sold draperies. Life was tricky as it is for any small business owner, but it was rewarding as hard work was learned at a young age for Clinton. To get what you want, you have to work for it. After graduating from Wellesley College, Clinton then went on to Yale Law School, where she fell in love with future husband and former President, Bill Clinton.

Later, Clinton served as a lawyer for the Congressional Committee that investigated President Nixon, giving her a little taste of the world of politics. She eventually moved to Arkansas where she became a law professor, running legal offices that represented the lower class.

According to her website, “It’s this commitment to public service and fighting for others—especially children and families—that she’s carried all her life.

Bill Clinton was first elected President in 1992 and was then re-elected four years later for the 1994 elections. As the First Lady, Clinton was deeply involved with health care, on a mission to ensure that families would have coverage at a reasonable price. In 1995, against advisories by her officials, Clinton led the US delegation to Beijing for the UN Fourth World Conference on Women. Her speech was not only a radical influence for women, but opened doors for women’s rights.

With this in mind, Clinton kicked open her own door and became the first female to be elected into the US Senate after she became senator of New York. She ran her first Presidential campaign in 2008 against current President, Barak Obama. After losing the election, Obama appointed her the high seat of Madam Secretary, which she effectively upheld until 2013. Now in 2015, she fights a second time for the office of the President.

Opinions are skewed about Clinton, as some adore her and others prosecute her. Scandal has already broken out against her name before she announced her candidacy. During her time as Secretary of State, she used her personal email account about state matters which could have put national security at risk, should she have been hacked.

According to Business Insider, the Republican Party has been poking fun at Clinton by sending out her hard drive files. “A little reminder from the RNC that Hillary Clinton still hasn’t answered legitimate questions or handed over her secret server to an independent party,” the drive’s note reads. “Here’s a courtesy thumb drive — make sure to save any emails from the Clinton campaign before she wipes another server clean.”

Hillary's Hard Drive 99.95 Via Sen. Rand Paul's Store
Hillary’s Hard Drive
Via Sen. Rand Paul’s Store

Senator Rand Paul, the Republican candidate is selling copies of her hard drive along with other humorous merchandise to defeat Clinton in the public’s eye. He has released several Tweets via Twitter publically criticizing her.

The big question on everyone’s mind is whether or not Clinton has what it takes to sit in the high chair as leader of the free world. Running against Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Jeb Bush, Clinton will face the fight of a lifetime.

Via Facebook/Hillary Clinton

Wine is Always a Good Idea – Introducing Grape Finale

Whether it’s nursing you after a long hard day or you’re out with your girls, wine is always an absolute must. Everyone has their favorites, and though most of us are accustomed to buying our wines at the local liquor store, some of us have considered making our own wine. But where to start?

Located in Flemington, NJ at 8 Bartles Corner Road, Suite 107

Lisa van den Woldenberg of Lebanon NJ, decided to take this idea a bit further, creating the Grape Finale Hands-on Winery, located in Flemington, NJ at 8 Bartles Corner Road, Suite 107.

“My passion for wine was firmly established when I attended the University of California at Davis, the leading enology and viticulture school in the world. I enjoy making wine and wanted to share this hobby with others.”

Lisa van den Woldenberg, Owner of Grape Finale

Any level of winemaker is welcome, whether you’re a newbie or the experienced connoisseur. Separated into four different 1 hour-social sessions, crushing, pressing, racking and bottle and labeling, customers are taken through the process step-by-step, putting their own fingerprint on a wine all their own. “At the first session, clients taste their grapes and after the crush, which is not done in the “I Love Lucy” stomping style, but with modern technology, it’s turned into grape juice. While the wine rests in the barrel, which you can also choose—American Oak, Hungarian Oak or French Oak, it’s carefully watched over and monitored on a daily basis. Customers can even request a progress report or a barrel tasting at any time they wish.”

Your Choice of Grapes

But just how personal does it get?

Customers are able to choose from over 25 varietals of premium red and white grapes to make traditional blends or, upon request, create their own blends. Which grapes are available varies by season. In the spring season, grapes are imported from Chile and in the fall season grapes are imported from California. Customers also select what type of aging they prefer, regular aging or making reserve wine, and between hand bottling their wine in regular, split or magnum sized bottles. At the end of the process, patrons label their bottles with waterproof and humidity resistant, custom-designed labels. Clients can personalize any of the over 120 off the shelf label designs Grape Finale offers or work with one of the facility’s graphic artists to create a unique one of a kind label using personal pictures of children, pets, vacations, or family portraits.”

Making and Finished Product

If you’re in the area, love wine and want to get a taste of something you created, so you can brag about it to your friends and family when you give them your wine as a gift, be sure to visit in February. Winemaking groups are forming now for the 2015 Spring Chilean winemaking season. They will be holding a barrel tasting event where attendees have the opportunity to taste 2014 vintages made with Chilean grapes, purchase available ¼ barrel shares and return March to bottle and apply custom labels to your wine.

So if you’re looking for a lively, upbeat place to make your next concoction with good friends, be sure to visit Grape Finale Hands-on Winery! It’s a grape experience!

Check them out on Facebook or Twitter!

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5 European Cities to Visit Before You Die

Are you a college student who dreams of the legendary Euro Trip? A married couple looking for a honeymoon destination or just an awesome person who likes to travel? If you’re wondering where to go in Europe, because let’s face it, there’s a lot of places and they all hold so much promise, here are 5 places that you should definitely visit, if not on this trip, than the next. Once you do Europe once, there is always a return, so have no fears about that. You will always find your way back again and again.

1. Reykjavik Iceland:

Via Photo Spin

Many people forget that Iceland is actually part of Europe, and no, it’ not covered in ice. Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and depending on the season you visit, it can be constant light or constant darkness. If you are fortunate enough to visit in the darkness (the winter) then look to the sky and spot the Northern Lights, a natural phenomenon not many are able to witness. Be sure to visit the volcanic hot springs and enjoy the warmth as you relax in the water and celebrate the fact that you are on vacation.

2. London England:

Via Photo Spin

Perhaps you only speak English and need a place where you can understand the locals? Jolly ol’England is your go-to. This charming kingdom is filled with pubs/taverns, palaces (Buckingham and The Tower), and let’s not forget, platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross Station. As one of the hubs of Europe, travel from London is easy and can get you to any other part of England you may wish to visit (like Oxford which is about 40 min away by train and you can see where the Great Hall of Hogwarts was filled).

3. Paris France:

Paris style ft

Paris is the city of lights, love and passion. If you are looking for a magical place to honeymoon, or a place to celebrate an anniversary, Paris is the city for lovers. It’s the home of the Eiffel Tower, Palace of Versailles (about 30 min away by train) and the Louvre museum. If you two make it out of the room, be sure to put a lock on the “Love Lock” bridge. Simply write your initials on the lock, seal it and throw the key into the water, to not only seal your love forever, but to make a silent promise that you will be together forever.

4. Venice Italy:

Via Photo Spin

If you are a fan of cheap and delicious pizza, then there is a little café hidden in the maze streets of Venice waiting for you. For 2 Euros a slice, it’s without a doubt the cheapest meal you will find on this enchanting island. Surrounded by water, Venice is a work of art simply trapped in time. From San Marco’s Piazza to the Grand Canal, it’s architecture and maze like streets will not only capture your heart, but also draw you back for a second visit. It’s simply not possible to only visit Venice once.

5. Rome Italy:

Via Photo Spin

Rome is a thriving Italian city literally living in history. They say that, “Rome was not built in a day,” and they mean it. Built thousands of years ago, Rome still stands and everywhere you turn you will see ruins. There’s the Coliseum where it was considered entertainment for gladiators to kill each other (not just a Russell Crowe film), the Pantheon and The Vatican. If you are looking for an upbeat and a historically modern city  (only in Rome) then toss a penny into the Trevi Fountain and make a wish!

5 Films of the 80s that You Need to Watch

Fanny packs, teased hair, Madonna, chokers and even rubber bracelets were just a few rad things that came out of the 80s. Some other major bad to the bone things to come from the 80s were these totally stellar and iconic films. Below is a list to help you get your 80s on, just in case you want to have a bodacious time warp experience or you’re just bored and home on a Saturday while all your bimbette friends party like it’s 1985. No judgment, think of all the money you will save on your one bottle of wine instead of an entry fee at a club?

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Via Facebook/Ferris Bueller

Literally one of the most popular movies of its day (and still rocking today), Matthew Broderick plays the one and only Ferris Bueller. This high school student is on a mission to have the best day of his life, by faking a sick day. From stealing his best friends father’s Ferrari to singing “Twist and Shout” in a parade, this movie is fun for the whole family.

Top Gun

Via Facebook/Top Gun

If you’re not a romantic comedy kind of person and you want to see Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer in their prime, then Top Gun is your go-to. Trainee pilots at the Navy’s Elite top school, these two compete to be the best of the best.

Dirty Dancing

Via Facebook/Dirty Dancing

If you are into hopeless romantic, die-hard classic films then be sure to check out Dirty Dancing. Starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, they will not only make you fall in love with their epic dance moves but will also have you begging for more, after all, “No one puts Baby in the corner.”

The Breakfast Club

Via Facebook/The Breakfast Club

The movie where every student leaned “If you mess with the bull, you get the horns.” Revolving around 5 students trapped in detention on a Saturday from all treks of life, this unlikely bunch step out of their comfort zones and become unlikely friends.


Via Facebook/E.T

Starring Henry Thomas and a very young and adorable Drew Barrymore, follow the story of a boy and his love for a small alien lost on Earth. Not only does this film teach you about love and friendship, but will have you “phone home” in no time. Have a tissue box near by for this one.

4 Audrey Hepburn Films That Inspire

While so many young girls aspire to be the next Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner, iconic Hollywood ladies are simply forgotten. But one leading lady that can never truly be gone, is Audrey Hepburn. This spunky, soft toned “it” girl was not only a classy figure that young girls could look up too, but also an award winning actress and a fashion icon.

Here are 4 Hepburn films that made the world fall in love with her (and she was able to do it with her clothes on). Before you stalk the Kardashians in Instagram, check out these films and see what a little bit of class and personality can do for a career. After all, it was Audrey who said, “The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.”

1. Roman Holiday

Via Facebook/Roman Holiday

“Roman Holiday” was considered Hepburn’s break out role. Starring along side Gregory Peck, Hepburn played Princess Ann, a sheltered noble longing for a bit of adventure. After escaping her guardians in Rome, she encounters an American journalist, who takes care of her and shows her around Rome. After discovering who she really is, he conceals her identity and protects her from scandal (which is hard for a journalist) because he has fallen in love with her. “I’ve never been alone with a man before, even with my dress on. With my dress off, it’s MOST unusual.”

2. Sabrina

Via Facebook/Sabrina

When the young Sabrina falls in love with the youngest Larrabee son David, a well-known and wealthy playboy of Long Island, the family must intervene because she is merely a chauffeur’s daughter. Older brother Linus Larrabee takes it upon himself to spoil her with dates, dinners and tricks to lead her away from David and his intent is to send her back to Paris, but ends up falling for the young woman himself. If you’re a young woman looking for a classic film with accents and class, charm, Paris, and Humphrey Bogart, “Sabrina” is the film for you, after all, “Paris is always a good idea.”

3. My Fair Lady

Via Facebook/My Fair Lady

Based off the hit West End play, “My Fair Lady” Hepburn stars along Rex Harrison as Eliza Doolittle. When Professor Henry Higgins makes a bet that he can pass anyone off as a noble of high London society, a foul mouthed, poor and stubborn Eliza Doolittle is chosen for the wager. As a professor of phonetics, he teaches the snarled mouth Doolittle to be a proper young lady and after all his snobbish, bolstering, banter, the two form an unlikely bond that’s far more than love. This wacky, hilarious comedy revolves around two stubborn egos constantly at war, “Shall we ask this baggage to sit down or shall we just throw her out of the window?”

4. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Via Facebook/Breakfest at Tiffany's

Known as her iconic role, Hepburn plays Miss Holly Golightly, a woman in constant search of a wealthy man to set her up for life. But after her new neighbor Paul moves in, who she calls Fred because of her brother (long story), she is slowly shifting her oddball ways and gives in to a much different kind of romance. This New York based film has made many women flock to the streets wearing a black dress and pearls, spending their mornings at the one and only New York Tiffany’s store. “Well, when I get it the only thing that does any good is to jump in a cab and go to Tiffany’s. Calms me down right away. The quietness and the proud look of it; nothing very bad could happen to you there. If I could find a real-life place that’d make me feel like Tiffany’s, then – then I’d buy some furniture and give the cat a name!”

The Apple Watch and Everything You Need to Know

Apple is known for their high tech software, reliable computers and setting the standard when it comes to technology. With the soon-to-be-released Apple Watch on the horizon, Apple CEO Tim Cook has finally provided product Intel on the new must have.

The watch is one of the most advanced products on market today as it has its own touch screen, the ability to text, and can be completely personalized. The starting price begins at $350 but can grow as high as $10,00 depending on your specific preference. Three models are being released to the public, “The Watch”, “The Watch Edition,” and “The Watch Sport.”

The phone is also able to make calls, which gives it that secret agent, spy vibe everyone secretly wants. Siri is also installed and the battery life will last all day (18 hours). To charge it there is an upgraded magnetic cable instead of the plug in jack. Notifications will be transported from your phone right to your watch in order to stay up on your schedule.

According to Cook, the watch is “the most personal device we have ever created.” He stated Monday at a splashy press event in San Francisco adding, “It’s not just with you, it’s on you.”

Also at the press meeting, Cook, according to Mashable, “showed how customizable the watch face is, saying users would be able to add the date, weather, your next meeting and other informational indicators. Swiping up lets you go through various “glances,” widget-like screens to do things like checking your heart rate and your calendar.”

Apple continues to show it’s worth by marveling the world with new trendy tech. Not only have they created a machine, they have created an entire lifestyle around it. Completely personalized to the wearer’s liking, the Apple Watch will no doubt go down in the book of legends and become a staple in our everyday lives.

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How to Avoid Being Bored

Everyone has experienced boredom at some point in their lives because let’s face it, most of the time, life… it’s really, really long. LThey say it’s short, that it will go by in the block of an eye, but in the amount of time it has taken you to read to this point, you’ve probably blinked about 4 or 5 times… are you still the same age? Thought so… which means one thing, life is long and filled with A LOT of boring moments.

You work all week and when you finally get home and wind down, you find yourself sitting around doing nothing. Yes, you were looking forward to doing nothing all week, but now that you’re actually doing it, you need something to stimulate your mind. If you are one of those people who can’t stand to be bored, try these activates to keep yourself entertained, because as said… life is pretty long… so you might as well do something.

Going for a walk/run

Via Flickr/archi Trujillo
Via Flickr/archi Trujillo

Exercise is not only good for your physical health, but also your mental health. Keeping your body in motion is great if you are looking for some inspiration. You also don’t have to do this alone. Feel free to call your friends, your siblings, maybe even your mom. That way when you’re debating to go that extra mile, you’ll have someone beside you motivating you. Plus you mom probably misses you. You should give her a call.

Catch up on your shows

Game of Thrones style ft
Via Facebook/Game of Thrones

Let’s face it; everyone has a list of shows that they watch religiously. Whether it’s “The Walking Dead,” “Game of Thrones,” or maybe even “Doctor Who,” chances are you were so busy during the week, you missed an episode or two. Use this time to curl up on the couch with a blanket and tea and turn on your sacred show and see if Jon Snow knows something yet.

Read that book you’ve had your eye on

reading style ft
Via Flickr/Starry Raston

Chances are you’ve had your eye on a specific book that you just haven’t found the time to read yet. Use this time to pick it up, open it and read it. Whether it’s the first installment of a series or just a book of poems, reading opens your mind to a world of enlightenment and entertainment.

Go to the movies

Via Flickr/Ajay Goyal
Via Flickr/Ajay Goyal

Who doesn’t love eating popcorn and watching a new film on the big screen? Check your local theatres and see what’s playing. Maybe you’re up for a romantic comedy or a little bit of action adventure. Whatever your preference, seeing a movie on the big screen is sure to keep you occupied for hours. And nothing limits you from seeing just one if you are interested in several films. You’re already there anyway.

Via Flickr/stephanie carter

A lot of people don’t like to clean and may glare at this option with utter disgust. Try thinking of it this way; you put on your best music playlist, maybe some Michael Jackson? You grab a mop and have a karaoke session. Once it’s all finished, strap some rags on your feet and moonwalk that floor clean. That’s how Pippi Longstocking got things done!

Family Arranged Kidnapping of Their 6 Year Old So He Would Understand “Stranger Danger”

“Stranger Danger” is a modern term used to teach young children about the risks of strangers. Speaking with someone they don’t know or being approached by a stranger should trigger an alert reaction and the child must be concerned as well as the parents. A parents’s worst fear is something tragic happening to their child, whether it be kidnapping or death.

The Kroutil family of Lincoln County, Missouri has taken this fear to an outrageous level when a young boy, who has been unnamed was kidnapped. The boy’s aunt, Denise Kroutil, asked a co-worker, Nathan Wynn Firoved, to kidnap her six-year old nephew to teach him a hard earned lesson. Their reasoning for this is because they felt the child was too nice to people and could be a potential risk. The boy’s mother, Elizabeth Hupp, his grandmother Rose Brewer, his aunt Denise Kroutil and Nathan Firoved were arrested Wednesday.

Firoved, not only agreed to the kidnapping but lured the child to his truck and stated he would never, “see his mommy again” and that he would be “nailed to the wall of a shed.” According to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s office, the boy was bound and lead into his own basement where his pants were removed, and then he was threatened to be sold into sex slavery.

When the family finally revealed to the boy that they were behind the sickening plot, they lectured him about “stranger danger” and how he needed to be aware about just how sick people can be. The child later told school officials of the incident who called the Division of Family Services. According to police, the boy is now in protective custody.

The boy’s aunt, grandfather, mother and Firoved have been charged with felony kidnapping, felony abuse, felonious restraint and neglect of a child. Bail has been set at $250,000 each and according to the family, they do not see a problem with their actions.

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